Darlene Templeton is a professional speaker, trainer, executive coach and author. A master in LEADERSHIP and TRANSFORMATION, Darlene’s extensive corporate experience (36 years with IBM) has given her the tools to transform even the most experienced executives into world-class leaders! An intuitive and results oriented leader herself.

Darlene engages and leads participants through dynamic and interactive transformations, enhancing their ability to be highly effective and insightful leaders. Darlene has a special talent for easily connecting with audiences and workshop participants, creating immediate feelings of trust and integrity.

Gifted with humor and a natural-born storyteller, her presentation style is exceptionally enthusiastic, energizing and fun! She entertains, motivates and inspires—always leaving her clients and audiences empowered with the tools for leadership, extraordinary results and professional excellence.



AWA birthday party DT on stage with screensRAMP Up Your Leadership Skills

Enhance your leadership skills to achieve greater success in life & business!

Effective leaders must continue to identify, develop and sharpen their own leadership skills for both personal and professional growth. Outstanding leaders know how to skillfully inspire, motivate, and empower others to do their very best and achieve success. Darlene will provide you the key tools, techniques and strategies so that you can enhance your existing leadership skills, improve your personal performance, and communicate and engage with others more effectively. You will leave feeling inspired, empowered and ready to achieve greater success in your life, both personally and professionally.

speaking-2Improve Employee Engagement from the INSIDE OUT!

The 3 C’s of Employee Engagement:
Career – Contribution – Communication

Employee surveys show that only one third of the employees in the workplace are fully engaged in their jobs today, on average. Navigating careers in this environment can be very challenging. Darlene will share the three critical success steps that will provide the audience the tools to help move their own career forward, help others be more engaged in the organization and increase their overall confidence and performance.

speaking-3How to Unleash Your Super Hero Leadership Powers!

“Everything’s impossible until somebody does it”
– Batman

Who doesn’t remember their favorite super heroes? Mine was of course, Wonder Woman! They all were “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.” They were SUPER HEROES and LEADERS in everything they did and were in service to others! They believed in utilizing all their “super powers” to help and support others, they believed in inspiring and motivating their teams and help them build their “super powers” and they achieved not only their goals, but the goals and results of their team and so many others! This sounds like an AMAZING and SUPER HERO leader in today’s challenging business world!


Darlene can customize presentations specifically for your audience and requirements. She can also deliver her engaging messages in many different formats including:

  • Keynotes
  • General and Breakout Sessions
  • Workshops, Seminars and Facilitated Meetings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching and Consulting
  • Strategic Planning

To book Darlene, please contact her at darlene@darlenetempleton.com.


The chance to work with Darlene Templeton was the opportunity of a lifetime.  It is rare to find such a speaker that connects with the audience as she did with such clarity, poise and vivaciousness.  Darlene kept the members highly engaged and provoked thoughts of self evaluation within each participant.  Darlene Templeton has an energy that will spread like wildfire throughout your group.  Her knowledge and insight in to the business world will take your meeting to the next level.  I highly recommend Darlene Templeton and we look forward to working with her again!

-Katrina Williams
Vice President – South Carolina State Assembly – Association of Surgical Technologists