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[su_note note_color=”#EBEBF5″]“Darlene’s  excellent skills as a facilitator and coach, coupled with the ability to keep us focused and on task, was the “secret sauce” to the success of our team.   Her leadership style created a safe  environment  where the team  could be open, honest and objective.  She encouraged each person  to step up to the plate and outside their comfort zone, which  resulted in our organization not only achieving, but  exceeding our  goals. Working with Darlene was not only a pleasure, but created a huge transformation in our team and our organization. “

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services_bus_coaching_13591712_sDarlene’s engaging work with businesses gives executives and professionals the tools to effectively navigate through dynamic transformations and challenges, while enhancing their performance, leadership skills and ability to achieve extraordinary results. Business coaching programs include:

  • Executive and professional coaching
  • Entrepreneurial and small business coaching
  • Group and Team coaching

Individual and Group Programs Available

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services_bus_consulting_16568952_sDarlene’s creates an environment that focuses on leadership across all areas of a business while leveraging the talents and expertise of it’s people producing an exceptional organization, increasing employee engagement, strengthening the overall contribution of the team, improving productivity and driving more bottom line profits. She provides solution-based strategies to unsolvable issues both inside the company,across industries, and with her clients.Consulting programs include:

  • Business Assessment Services
  • Implementation Support
  • Strategic vision and alignment with operations model

Individualized, Customizable Solutions Available for Your Business

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services_bus_programs_13025912_sTempleton and Associates leadership and professional workshops are designed for executives, managers and team leaders. Darlene has served Fortune 500 executives, managers and professionals inspiring them to excellence while enhancing their performance, leadership skills and their ability to achieve extraordinary results.  Programs include:

    • [su_spoiler title=”R.A.M.P. Up Leadership Skills”]Enhance your leadership skills to achieve greater success in life & business! Effective leaders must continue to identify, develop and sharpen their own leadership skills for both personal and professional growth. Outstanding leaders know how to skillfully inspire, motivate, and empower others to do their very best and achieve success. Darlene will provide you the key tools, techniques and strategies so that you can enhance your existing leadership skills, improve your personal performance, communicate and engage with others more effectively. You will leave feeling inspired, empowered and ready to achieve greater success in your life, both personally and professionally.
    • [su_spoiler title=”Who’s Driving Your Career”]Put yourself in the driver seat and take control of your career. Navigating the corporate world can be challenging! Darlene is a master at meeting corporate challenges. She will share the three critical success steps that will give you the confidence and the tools to help move your career forward. You will find more job satisfaction, improve your performance and achieve the success you desire. You will focus on your career goals, learn techniques to communicate your value, and leverage your support network, as a result of this unique and interaction presentation. Then you will be truly driving your own career!
    • [su_spoiler title=”What’s on your Leadership Charm Bracelet?”]Discover how your leadership skills or “charms” can propel you into future success. Darlene will share with you a unique perspective on her own personal “leadership charm bracelet” and how it prepared her for a new career and journey. This powerful presentation will help you to identify and develop core individual leadership skills, you will realize the power of removing “charms” that no longer serve, and learn key tips and strategies to continue your leadership journey. You will be able to integrate your life experiences, leadership strengths and personal passions into your virtual “leadership charm bracelet “creating your personal roadmap to success bracelet “creating your personal roadmap to success.

Team Building and Customized Programs Available for Your Business


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