Darlene Templeton is a professional speaker, trainer, executive coach and author. A master in LEADERSHIP and TRANSFORMATION, Darlene’s extensive corporate experience (36 years with IBM) has given her the tools to transform even the most experienced executives into world-class leaders! An intuitive and results oriented leader herself.




“Navigating in the business world is very challenging. My job is to help shortcut that for you. I achieve that through an assessment, gap analysis, and leadership training.”

Darlene provides solution-based strategies to unsolvable issues both inside the company, across industries, and with her clients. She develops, based on your goals, a step-by-step action plan, with accountability, check-ins and support to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Consulting programs include:
• Business Assessment Services
• Implementation Support
• Strategic vision and alignment with operations mode


Executive Coaching

“Once your plan is developed, staying on track with the same momentum can be difficult. I work with you and your teams to build an environment of accountability and support that motivates you and your team to not only meet your goals but to achieve outstanding results.”

Darlene creates an environment that focuses on leadership across all areas of a business while leveraging the talents and expertise of it’s people. This produces an exceptional organization, increasing employee engagement, strengthening the overall contribution of the team, improving productivity and driving more bottom line profits.

Darlene’s engaging work with businesses gives executives and professionals the tools to effectively navigate through dynamic transformations and challenges, while enhancing their performance, leadership skills and ability to achieve extraordinary results.

Business coaching programs include:
• Executive and professional coaching
• Entrepreneurial and small business coaching
• Group and Team coaching


Training Programs and Customized Solutions

“Implementation can become the biggest issue. This is the nuts and bolts of how to stay on track. I develop a customized plan for you that is easy to implement, easy to measure, and easy to continue growing.”

Templeton and Associates leadership and professional workshops are designed for executives, managers and team. Darlene has served Fortune 500 executives, managers and professionals inspiring them to excellence while enhancing their performance, leadership skills and their ability to achieve extraordinary results.

Darlene’s targeted, strategic and laser focused action plan:
• Helps you and your team achieve their desired results and reach their greatest potential
• Holds you accountable with tools and resources
• Check-in process so you can transform your visions into goals, goals into actions, and actions into outstanding results

How can Darlene Help You?

Darlene can customize presentations specifically for your audience and requirements. She can also deliver her engaging messages in many different formats including:


  • Keynotes
  • General and Breakout Sessions
  • Workshops, Seminars, and Facilitated Meetings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching and Consulting
  • Strategic Planning


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About Templeton and Associates

Darlene Templeton is a speaker, business strategist, and leadership coach. She is in the business of SUCCESS and GROWTH. With her 40+ years of Fortune 100 business knowledge and experience, she can help you, whether you’re an entrepreneur, individual, or a corporation, to see the gaps from a bird’s eye view, help you develop an action plan, and get on and STAY ON the path to SUCCESS and GROWTH so that you can achieve your goals both professionally and personally.
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